Frequently Asked Questions!

We had so many questions when we first picked up our new toy. Looking online gave us some answers and the dealership helped but to really get to know something it's best to use it. After a few months we figured out many things and hopefully you will find this information useful.

  • Why doesn't the water pump shut off?
  • Our pump would continue to run even though all the taps were closed. After a quick run around the outside we discovered out exterior tap was dripping
  • How do I change the fridge to gas?
  • I don't really like the button to switch it from battery to plugged in to gas. The button has to be push on the left side. If you press on the right or in the middle it does what it wants.
  • When do I go for my first oil change?
  • The Mercedes dealership recommended 15,000kms before coming in for an oil change.
  • Is emptying the black water and grey water tanks messy?
  • Not at all compared to the travel trailers and 5th wheel trailers we've seen. I can't compare to other motor homes as we haven't encountered any at dumping sites.
  • How do you adjust the seats?
  • The captains chairs are comfortable but are difficult to adjust while the vehicle is in motion. Unlike many cars both the driver and passenger seats are adjustable. There are separate knobs for raising the height, adjusting the lumbar support, tilting the seat, adjusting the back and moving it backwards and forwards.